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Mary Hall For District 4! 
Louisville Metro Council

Mary Hall, a lifelong resident of west Louisville's California neighborhood, advocates for community empowerment and equity. Her efforts led to policy changes allowing families to reclaim land. Now, she seeks to represent District 4, prioritizing homeownership and preserving neighborhood history.

Mary's Story

Mary Hall, a lifelong resident of west Louisville's California neighborhood, announces her candidacy for the Louisville Metro Council District 4 seat on the Democratic ticket in the May 2024 elections. With deep roots in her community and a personal history marked by resilience, Hall's campaign is fueled by her commitment to addressing systemic inequities and advocating for the empowerment of historically marginalized neighborhoods. Growing up in a close-knit environment, Hall witnessed firsthand the impact of unjust city actions, including the loss of her family's home. Determined to right these wrongs, she spearheaded efforts to reform land bank policies, ensuring that families with generational ties to properties have the opportunity to reclaim them. Hall's advocacy not only restored her family's land but also sparked broader conversations about racial equity and community preservation.

As a candidate, Mary Hall pledges to amplify the voices of her constituents, prioritizing initiatives that promote homeownership, economic development, and racial justice. Drawing on her experience as a grassroots activist and community organizer, she aims to bring tangible change to District 4, advocating for policies that uplift underrepresented communities and create pathways to prosperity for all residents. With her unwavering dedication to her neighborhood's rich heritage and her proven track record of advocacy, Mary Hall offers a vision of inclusive leadership that seeks to build a more equitable and thriving west Louisville for generations to come.

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